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Greetings, fellow webmasters! I'm Clam and I'd like to share with my fellow webmasters a few of the sites and businesses with which I do business. Those of you who have been running adult websites for a long time will probably already know all of these, but I'm hoping to help some of the newer webmasters along their journey to success. When I was new to this endeavor, some very friendly and helpful people pointed me in the right direction, and I'd like to do the same for others. I'll go over hosting, sponsors, and software. Hopefully when we are done, you'll have the tools you need to succeed in adult webmastering, and you'll be able to start making money online. I'm confident that anyone who is willing to put in the effort can succeed as an adult webmaster.


The most important company you will do business with is your web hosting company. This company provides you with the resources to get your website out there on the web. You count on this company to provide you with the tools to manage your website, and most importantly to keep your site up and running. You want to find a company with high server uptime (do not settle for less than 99%!) and excellent technical support. Make sure that the company you choose provides you with an excellent toolkit with which to manage your site. Remember, you'll depend on this company when things go wrong or your websites go down, so choose wisely.

I use M3 Server for all of my hosting services. I have been doing this a long time, and I have tried many different hosts. Their website management console allows me to do almost anything I need to manage my websites. I can spin up new sites with ease, create automated tasks, create and edit databases, and of course I can see all of my website logs. If I run into an issue I can't resolve myself, I can turn to tech support. M3 Server provides top tier support services; I have never had a technical issue with my websites which M3's techs have failed to solve. Finally, M3 Server boasts greater than 99% uptime. This is the most important factor in choosing a web host, because if your site is down, it isn't making you any money!


Sponsors are the lifeblood of the adult webmaster. Most adult webmasters make their money by publishing ads and links to bigger corporate sites who, in turn, pay the webmaster for any sales they make from those leads. Those sites are called sponsors and the webmasters who send them traffic are called affiliates. There are lots of options out there for sponsors; cam sites, picture and video sites, adult dating, DVDs and Blu-rays, lingerie and sex toys, and many, many more. I, personally, make most of my profits from cam sites. This entire site is dedicated to sending visitors to the big cam sponsors. Here are a few of my top sponsors for your consideration.

Chaturbate is the undisputed king of the webcam hill. If you are not promoting the biggest, best converting cam site on the internet, then you are leaving a ton of money on the table. Using a cam site like this one, you can direct traffic to Chaturbate and let them make the sale for you. There is a reason why Chaturbate is the biggest and it is because they are the best! Chaturbate offers pay-per-signup and revshare options. I highly recommend revshare for long term income growth. Pay-per-signup pays you $1 for every free account signup you get, even if the user never spends a dime on their site. Revshare, on the other hand, pays you a percentage of whatever money the user spends on Chaturbate for life. While some revshare signups will produce no income whatsoever, all it takes is that one big-spender and you'll be raking in the profit!

My second pick for a cam sponsor is BongaCams. These guys have an awesome site with really hot models and they convert really well for me. I've made a bunch of money from a small number of 'whales' who signed up and then spent thousands of dollars on the models. Again, I recommend revshare for long-term profit growth, but BongaCash offers something even better. They have a plan where you get a $40 payout when a new user make's their first purchase on the site, then 15% after that! This is a fantastic money-making plan for new affiliates. Give BongaCams a try and you will be making bank!

Another way to monetize your website is to put ads on your website. For this, I use Juicy Ads. Juicy Ads provides a wide range of customization for setting up ad space on your site. Once your space is set up, other webmasters can rent that space on your site for their banner ads. When the space is not rented, Juicy Ads places filler ads on your site so you keep making money even when your space is not rented. Juicy Ads is not a huge money maker for me, but they are a constant source of income that requires very little work, aside from the initial setup. I highly recommend adding Juicy Ads to your site.


You can build your website by hand if you want to, but I recommend using a site management script. I'm running this site on MechBunny's Cam Aggregator script. They also makes the most advanced Tube Site script available. Mechanical Bunny Media is a small software shop based in Poland that has won over the hearts and minds of many adult webmasters. Konrad is the leader of the team and you can often find him over on the GFY webmaster message board. He has been a part of the adult webmaster community for over 20 years and is trusted and respected. A website management script from MechBunny will put you on the path to success as a webmaster.

I hope these resources are of some use to you as you build your website. The companies listed on this page have been instrumental in building my online business. With some hard work and a little luck, I'm willing to bet that they will pay off for you as well.